Known de Laurence addresses

Please note that all of the dates below are taken from the dates of copyright or from published newspaper advertisements. That means the actual dates or residence are approximated. For example, the ad that appears on May 10th, 1903 states the new address but the last ad I have for the old address is on March 17th. This should not affect the dating of decks or other materials, except in later years when we have scant information and years between address appearances.

Date Address Company name (or "home")
March 27, 1902–Mach 17, 1903 295 Wabash Av. Rooms 2, 3, 4, 5 The de Laurence Institute of Hypnotism and Occult Philosophy
May 10, 1903–April 6, 1904 344 Michigan Ave. Suite 4, second floor   As above (this was [at least 1901-1902] address of Prof. Clark)
April 10, 1904–October 28, 1904 1838 Michigan Blvd. Note: L.W. was arrested on October 27th,
according to a news item from the Tribune the next day. This explains why the last ad was on the 28th.
The de Laurence Institute of Hypnotism
1905 "India and Chicago" The Benarce India publishing co.
1907–1908 1514 Masonic Temple (building) De Laurence, Scott & co. (Jan 1908 "Tomorrow" magazine ad)
June 12 1909 through 1910 356 Dearborn Street, Room 408   Unknown other than "DE LAURENCE" (stated in ad). Also Cumulative Book Index Vol. 14 (Jan 1911)
Up to November 11, 1912 3340 Michigan Ave. Home address THE BLACK ROSE / WHITE WILLOW (police raid)
November 1915 1034 W. 47th L.W.'s home address where J. P. Yeakel was stabbed
1915–1916 538 S. Dearborn St. From Feb 3, 1917 Publisher's Weekly & 1916 Amer. Library Annual
April 21, 1914–May 4, 1919 117 North Wabash Ave., fourth floor de Laurence, Scott & co.
Between May 4 and August 18, 1920 117 North Wabash Ave., fourth floor The de Laurence Co. (company changes name)
December 16, 1922–??? 434 S. Wabash Ave. The de Laurence Co.
1931–1954 / 1955 178 & 179 North Michigan Ave, fourth floor The de Laurence Co.
October 1956 225 North Wabash Ave, Chicago 1 (now South Water Kitchen address) The de Laurence Co.
November 1956–July 1963 180 North Wabash Ave, Chicago 1 The de Laurence Co.
July 1963 to at least Dec 1982 180 North Wabash Ave, 60601 Fifth floor, Suite 515 The de Laurence co., later just De Laurence
Circa 2012 Michigan (the state) De Laurence