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Dollhouse sized tarot deck

Dollhouse Tarot

One would think (well, I would . . .) that the Dollhouse tarot decks and their cute little boxes reign as champion of the title “World’s Tiniest Tarot Deck,” having displaced the Merrimack (and later B. Shackman) versions. I recall seeing a tarot card painted on a grain of rice a few years back, but not being able to locate the image or verify this, let’s call it a red herring at the moment; until someone does and vindicates my rather dubious claim.


These amazing dollhouse tarot decks come in different flavors (above is a sampling of the Alice in Wonderland Tarot) and are manufactured in various sizes by various artists, from full decks to just a few for decorative purposes. While they are a challenge to shuffle unless you live in a tree and make delicious cookies for a giant corporation, they are workable like lottery cards, where you can mush them around in a pile (this method of shuffling is covered in The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! by the way). What I like about these, other than the sheer novelty of them, is that a well-crafted deck can let you years and be tucked into any small pocket for instant readings or manifestation anywhere you happen to be.