Waite-Smith tarot card museum and research library - House of White Tarot Museum & Research Library
Showcase and exhibit of Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith's creation: the original Rider tarot decks from 1909, 1910, 1920's, and 1931 through 1939. Also a catalog of information on the French, Marseilles-style, Italian, and other decks that inspired them, and the decks and books that followed them. Large collection of information on L.W. de Laurence and the "de Laurence & Scott" company. Site created and managed by tarot author, teacher, researcher and curator Dusty White.
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About the House of White

We are educators. Our mission (it’s not a job—it’s a way of life) is to cut through the metaphysical bullshit, superstition, lies, and dogma that run rampant in books (and egos) everywhere, and help you understand the science of “magic” in ways that allow you to change the world around you. To this end we offer free access to our research library and tarot museum, as well as free audio, video, and written lessons on the tarot, and a paid course for serious students who want to read cards better than any “professional” in the world.

What We Do

We help you make sense of arcane esoterica. Our sole purpose is to help you master metaphysics in ways that make sense in the real world; not just in the realm of the imagination. To this end we employ all practical manner of methods to help you learn, retain, and master the arts—because someone has to do this right.

Video Lessons

We offer live and archived step-by-step lessons on tarot, astrology, and manifestation that embed this knowledge in you. We are the best because we want you to be.


We don't teach you to wear funny hats and chant silly rhymes. We show you HOW and WHY 'magic' works so that you can get your own results.


We are legion. Okay, maybe that was a bit trite. We are people learning, studying, and growing in awareness with each other. We are both fun *and* serious.


We have the most stringent certification standards in the world. Our graduates are better than yours, because they must be. Our clients demand it.


Each course we teach is a part of the greater skill set required of true professionals. You will draw on your life experience and knowledge to complete your 'self.'

Tests and quizzes

No one cares for you like we do, so no one tests you like we do. You will earn every badge and honor you receive, but only after you are taught properly and thoroughly.

Our museum and research library

We work with museums, educators, collectors, and researchers around the world to collect and present the most accurate and thorough picture possible of the progress of the tarot through the 20th century with a focus on the core imagery designed by Samuel Mathers, Arthur Waite, and Pamela Coleman Smith. Below is a small sampling of our catalog of information available to you.

Our Process

  • Research

    Miracles don't just happen. We all must learn the processes of creating them.

  • Test

    There are no sacred cows. Every process & every solution must prove itself to work.

  • Refine

    We separate superstition and wishful thinking from results-producing methodology.

  • Create

    Education is useless if it is not shaped and presented in ways that hold attention.

  • Share

    History repeats itself because improvements are too often buried instead of shared.

Fun Facts

Creating a museum from scratch, even a small unique collection of tarot history, is an endless process of acquisitions, collaborations, research, mistakes, correcting mistakes, being scolded for making mistakes in the first place, and more fun than anyone should be allotted in one lifetime.


So far, this process has included . . .


Cups of Coffee


Late nights





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