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Dutch decks

These two decks were manufactured in the Netherlands. In 1971 Bert Bakker printed the “Bert Bakker deck” (that is not its official name but how it is referred to currently). This deck was printed in black and white, and if you can find any makes a good “color your own” tarot deck, except for the plastic coating (so don’t use watercolors). At some point some years later this deck was published—in color—by a Dutch company known as Uitgeverij Kosmos, with offices in Utrecht and Antwerp, Belgium.


The original (Bakker) deck has bold black lines that are muddier and cloud many of the fine details, whereas the colorized deck from Uitgeverij Kosmos has delicate lines that reveal the subtle line work done by Pam originally. This line work can be seen in the 1959 PKtT by University Books. This, second edition, bears the same box markings and style, even the maroon ankhs on the card backs, but it was printed with greater care and expertise. It also comes with an ISBN, indicating that this, second deck, was manufactured several years later. We are in contact with Uitgeverij Kosmos for more information on these decks and how they came to print them.