University Books, Inc. decks - House of White Tarot Museum & Research Library
University Books, Inc. recreated the modern tarot before being split into several entities, known as Merrimack Publishing, Kensington Publishing, B. Shackman, Carol Publishing, and Citadel Press.
University Books Inc, Press, tarot, 1959, 1960, 1961s, Merrimack Publishing, Kensington Publishing, B. Shackman, Carol Publishing, Citadel Press
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  • 1959
  • Color images grace the 1960 UB PKtT
  • Undated U.B. deck that has split—note the
  • First edition with all of the extra cards

University Books, Inc. decks

University Books, Inc changed everything. A *real* color tarot deck in America (and for only five bucks!), a Pictorial Key to the Tarot printed in color, unlike Rider’s versions. Even L.W. printed the tarot images in his “Veil” book in black, yellow, gray (and later just gray). University Books was poised to sell directly to the consumer via mail order, but also to the retail trade. For a micro-publishing house they were on fire. While they lasted they influenced a generation of beatniks, hippies, yippies, and later, even yuppies. Their presence can still be felt today in the modern decks made by U.S. Games systems, Lo Scarabeo, Llewellyn, and many independent publishers, as well as major book publishers who publish their printed matter. If it were not for University Books we would have no Frankie Albano (a Paul Foster Case of the late 20th century) to rebel and create his own vision of the tarot. We have TONS of interesting and unique material on University Books, Inc. and their fate. We hope that you will explore their exhibit, which is perpetually being added to as more decks, books, and ephemera are cataloged.