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Temperance Card Albano Waite 22 Major Arcana cards, LWB and box

Tarot Productions’ 22-card deck

Tarot Productions, Inc. made a “first to the public” boxed set of tarot trumps only in regular and giant size. The regular-sized version (shown on this page) came with an ivory-colored covered LWB that was blatantly stolen from University Books, Inc. but this specific edition did not have the full deck of cards listed, so in a way it was like sampling a song (without paying royalties) instead of just making an exact cover of it for your own album. An interesting point that needs resolving is the variation in boxes Tarot Productions put out. Some boxes state that they come with a fully illustrated book while others declare they do not, and box color-specific tape is sometimes pasted over these words. In any case however, Frankie Albano brought us a convenient study or European-style divination tool that fit easily into purse or pocket. Images are below.

Publisher: Tarot Productions, Inc.

Pub dates: 1968+

Designer: Frankie Albano

Artist: Frankie Albano



Size: 73 x 120 mm

Thickness: 7 mm

Weight: 56 grams

Cost: Unknown

Came with: ivory LWB lifted from UB

Printed in U.S.A.

By all rights this looks like a 22-card version of the full 78 card deck put out by Tarot Productions. None of the colors are changed and the only noticeable difference is the LWB (in goldenrod), which has information specifically tailored to a 22-card deck. The cards themselves differ in no way from the standard deck.

Other Frankie Albano creations


Frank R. Albano (a.k.a. Tarot Productions, Inc. of Hollywood circa 1968) created a few things we know of with certainty, and some things we are still researching. Facts first, then fun stuff (links lead to item-specific pages):


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Then there are the records . . .