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Etteilla vs. Waite-Smith

How did the world's first divination tarot deck shape Waite's vision? Let's find out...

Signature of Court de Gebelin
Antoine Court de Gébelin

Revolutionary, scholar, and snappy dresser Court de Gébelin was a true ladies man and godfather of the modern tarot, as well as an...

Etteilla decks

Etteilla was the godfather of tarot divination. These are the decks he (and his students) designed...

Sola Busca vs. Waite-Smith

Here are some examples of the extreme commonalities between the images of the Sola Busca and the Rider decks by Pam and Art....

The Sola Busca deck

The Sola Busca deck is a rare treat: It is the only surviving early tarot with images on all of the cards in...